7D – Seven Dimensions




16-20 FEB, EuroShop 2020

The No. 1 Retail Trade Fair


We dedicate this exposition to all Customers, Architects and Designers who have been working with us for the last 17 years. By fulfilling amazing ideas, together we created numerous unique LUXURY projects that developed the shopfitting industry, brought joy and wonder to spectators and consumers of their work.

With all the acquired knowledge and experience, we want to show the creation of design and engineering ingenuity, the professional touch of wood and metal specialists, as well as our devotion to every detail that METAWOOD company releases. We also want to express our sense of architectural decision and space adaptation which is presented in SEVEN DIMENSIONS concept by the its creator – METAWOOD President Mr Mikhail Rositsan.

Through my personal opinion and communication with artistic people, I came to the Universal Rule of



Dedication – we devote our creative work and our feelings to another person, any subject or object, or even to ourselves (to something or somebody)

Development – the process of thoughtful, cognitive and informative work

Details – we turn to the elements of the creation or think over its texture or materials

Design – we think over the lines of expression, contours, forms, volume, colours and its musical content

Dream – imagination process to attract attention to get satisfaction

Drive – this is the moment when the artist lights up for creativity

Destiny – positive desire of talented people to create and fulfil their dreams / life movement for result.

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NUMBER “SEVEN”: mystical number of the universe and one of the most sacred numbers.

NUMBER “SEVEN” has played a significant role in society, culture, religion, and psychology and is so popular throughout history that the NUMBER “SEVEN” appears everywhere.

The world was created in six days and God rested on the SEVENTH DAY.
SEVEN COLORS are in the rainbow spectrum.

According to Isaac Newton’s belief and Louis-Bertrand Castel’s description, the SEVEN COLOURS also correspond to the SEVEN NOTES of the musical scale.

NUMBER “SEVEN”, as such, represents positive creative force like SEVEN WONDERS of the ancient world and SEVEN CONTINENTS of our planet today.

The greatest painters, architects, sculptors, designers, composers, poets and philosophers tried to understand the world and themselves by running away from HARMONY as a fundamental understanding.

But, if you follow their life path and their self-expression in creativity through the prism of SEVEN DIMENSIONS, you will see a purely unconscious return and contact with signs of a universal idea of harmony.

In such a way new COLOURS and SHADES appeared (from the rainbow), new notes and tones rose in music, sculpture, literature etc… as a fundamental concept.

7D Concept Main 2

Today, humanity is at the era of DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY. New conceptions of communication technologies are born as a result of useful knowledge and logic.

There is a time when the use of knowledge is not enough. A regulator of methods is needed for their use, for example the inclusion of logical thinking mechanisms, stress test ideas, brain reboot and soft skills as basic TOOLS OF COMMUNICATION.

Everything that I mentioned and more, we can get through the glasses of SEVEN DIMENSIONS, which draw up the creative process of all artists, painters, designers, sculptors, musicians…. in different areas.

When we classify Fine Arts by material (metal, textile, ceramics, wood, etc.) and according to the FUNCTIONAL features of the use of the subject (furniture or shopfitting), we come to the constructive-technological beginning in production.

But if we connect it with ARCHITECTURE and DESIGN, changing the scale and materials, interspersing intuitively guessed information, integrating the object with its TRANSFORMATION, we will get a different volume and texture.

We offer you to RECOGNIZE style, character, feelings, vision, brutality and charisma … Through certain objects, lines, accessories INSEPARABLE from great artists of our time, executed in other factors, planes and volumes.

7D Concept Main
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Take a look through the prism of SEVEN DIMENSIONS intellectual equalization of art in any field of its application.

SEVEN DIMENSIONS TRANSFER ART converts intellect signature to a functional object. It is the visual or informational transformation of an object by keeping the style and content of a particular subject without changing associative recognition.

SEVEN DIMENSIONS is an art process that you can implement in different areas of life.

We wish to all young artists to look through the glasses of SEVEN DIMENSIONS which will allow you to see the world from my perspective.

With love,

copyright © 2020 All Rights Reserved, Mikhail Rositsan / METAWOOD

“7D” Concept – a tribute to Art.